Margie (Asha) Baylor

2023 Round Top Music Festival

Margie (Asha) Baylor
Baltimore, MD
Peabody Conservarory
Margaret (Asha) Baylor strives to convey passion and unique musicality in their various
solo and chamber performances. Despite their short stature and abnormally small pinky fingers,
Baylor’s musicality and dark, powerful sound become apparent in every performance.
Baylor has performed mostly in the DMV area taking various gigs in and around their
hometown of Richmond, Virginia. Most recently, Baylor performed in Vermont at the Green
Mountain Chamber Music Festival at St. Michael’s College. While attending this festival, their
chamber group was coached by Caroline Coade, and they had the opportunity to take private
lessons with Dan Sweaney and studio class with Lembi Veskimets. Additionally, they’ve
volunteered in a pit orchestra for SPARC (School of the Performing Arts in the Richmond
Community), being part of an annual, massive performance that advocates for the inclusion of all
abilities in the performing arts. This event hosted lots of large names in the modern music
industry such as Jason Mraz and Josh Groban.
In the future, Baylor hopes to create programming of classical and contemporary music
that will encourage inclusivity.