Internship Description - Scheduling and Orchestra Manager

Internship Period: May 28 - July 14, 2024


Interns will fill capacities as assistant for chamber music programs, stage management, work-study groups, and house management. Public concerts are offered during each Festival, providing numerous opportunities for interns to perfect management and supervisory skills used by all Arts Administrators. Interns will be in contact with the artistic, administrative and technical staff, student musicians, faculty members, conductors and the thousands of audience members attending concerts.

Intern will be required to keep a journal of his/her activities and will meet on a daily basis with the Program Director. At the conclusion of the internship period, the intern will participate in a written and oral evaluation of the internship experience with key administrative staff members.

Application Process:

Send a current professional resume, cover letter, and two letters of recommendation, no later than March 18, 2024. Please include your birth date in materials.

Hiring Manager: Iverson Eliopoulos

Applications will be reviewed by a committee of the administrative staff of The James Dick Foundation for the Performing Arts. Accepted intern will be notified on or before March 29, 2024.


Each intern will receive full room and board in addition to a stipend of $1,500. Room and board includes three (3) meals per day during the six-week session and all housing and utilities costs. (A daily stipend of $10.00 per day is offered for breakfasts and dinners during the six days outside of the six-week session.)

Note: This position is a full time job and cannot be held by an accepted participant to the educational program.