Saturday March 18, 2023
28th Annual Herbal Forum & Plant Sale at Festival Hill
The Pioneer Unit Herb of The Year, Parsley
August to April Series

This Forum is dedicated to the memory of Gwen Barclay

Plant sale on March 17 & 18.  Herbal Forum on the 18th.

Herbal Forum Poster

You are cordially invited to attend the Pioneer Unit’s 28th Herbal Forum.

This year’s forum will focus on our Herb of the Year, parsley, and will also include a display on ginger assembled by Henry Flowers and Billi Parus, who will be on hand to answer questions. The event will include stage demos and a Garden Lunch.

Speaker presentations will be 9 a.m - 1:00 p.m. when we will break for lunch. Participants will reconvene in the auditorium for displays and interactions with the day’s speakers. The Pioneer Unit looks forward to seeing you at the Herb Sale and Herbal Forum 2023! 


Belinda Weatherly - All About Parsley!

Did you know that parsley use in the United States comes in third behind salt and pepper? Come learn about parsley from history and folklore, botany, culinary and garden uses to modern science studies regarding its proven health benefits. Enjoy culinary samples of parsley with recipes and develop a new respect for this often-overlooked powerhouse of an herb.

Caroline Riley - Spagyrics for the 21st century

Spagyrics is the Alchemical practice of herbalism. The framework of Spagyrics works with the cycles of the seasons harvesting and preparing potent herbal remedies with attention to detail. Caroline will describe this process in the preparation of tinctures, essences and other products from medicinal plants. She will walk the group through the process from harvest to remedy.

James Langley - Herbs Behind Bars

Mr. Langley will discuss how offenders in correctional institutes are taught valuable skills in garden design, production and maintenance which leads to herb gardens sprouting up on TDCJ (Texas Department of Criminal Justice) units around the state. He will also discuss the benefits of Horticulture therapy and bring with him a former student that has been through the program and now owns a successful business.

The registration fee, which includes the Garden Lunch, is $80.

Don't forget the Herb & Plant Sale!

The Herb & Plant Sale is on March 17 & 18.   The sale is open to the public.

The sale will be located at 248 Jaster Road, Round Top TX 78954

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