Student Information


1. Fill out the Online Application. Deadline for application is Sunday February 22, 2015.
2. Pay $80 application fee (non refundable.)

Once application has been received and registration fee paid you will be supplied with an online account.  From here you can request a live audition or upload your audition.  In addition you can receive information concerning the festival as well as create your own bio and headshot.

3. Once audition has been reviewed by Round Top faculty you will receive acceptance or rejection by email.
4. Upon acceptance a $200 (non refundable) registration fee and a $600 maintenance fee will be due no later than Sunday May 31, 2015.


1. Must be born before December 31, 1997. 
2. No absence is permitted during the six weeks of Festival.
3. Two recommendations should be submitted and received in Round Top by February 23, 2015. Please use the automated Recommendation request found in your student account.
4. View  Orientation and Policies
5.   Internships


All applicants have the choice to audition in person or upload a recorded audition. Recorded audio auditions should not exceed 12 minutes per applicant.  All auditions are submitted “blind” to the relevant faculty with the mention “live".   

Auditions Excerpts
Auditions Locations

Note: Due to the volume of applicants, we are not able to offer feedback on in person and recorded auditions.