What is Give 2 RTFInstitute?

     On November 29, 2016 Round Top Festival Institute launched its second 24-hour fundraising challenge called "Give 2 RTFInstitute" to coincide with Global Giving Tuesday. The Goal this year was to raise $44,000 for 8 scholarships worth $5,500 each to help fund the string section of the Texas Festival Orchestra (2 violins, 2 violas, 2 cellos, and 2 double basses). We did it!!! Thanks to our donors!!!

Why is Give 2 RTFInstitute special?

     Round Top Festival Institute is the sole project of The James Dick Foundation for the Performing Arts. Each summer, advanced classical music students come to Round Top to work with faculty and conductors in a six-week program to study and improve their performance skills. Students are selected through a rigorous audition process. To allow student participation based on talent and merit alone, each student is awarded a full tuition scholarship to remove any economic barrier.

     The Institute must find ways to cover the costs incurred in producing the Summer Music Festival. Revenue from box office, facility rentals and grants received from foundation and government sources are not enough. We rely on our donors to help us continue to produce the world-class festival institute each summer.

Here's what your donation to Round Top Festival Institute helps accomplish:

     Student scholarships are at the core of our educational mission and support the Institute through the six weeks of private lessons, chamber music studies, and orchestral studies, resulting in the public concerts that many of you experience and enjoy throughout the summer season. Many of our students go on to hold significant positions in orchestras and at conservatories and universities on six continents.


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$44,000 Goal

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Thank you for your generous support!

Round Top Festival Institute is the sole project of The James Dick Foundation for the Performing Arts,
a 501(c)(3) non-profit public educational foundation since 1972.